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i feel terrible right now and i want to tear my skin open and i hate myself but seeing your post on my dash and going through your blog made me feel a bit better so thanks for being beautiful

which post? and i’m glad my blog helped you feel a little better. that’s really nice to hear. i hope you feel better. if you ever need anything you can always message me on anon!

i am rly good at working myself up and getting sad over the same stuff again and again


i swear if something happens to my memory drawer i’m going to flip

i think da world is trying to tell me to stop holding onto things



just want my music files and photos back :((( f u macbook.

slingshot dokata is so cute wow



every time i get something weird on my lip i completely freak out and think i have herpes and then i remember i haven’t kissed anyone or anything like that in like idek how long?? half a year??? +/- .

then i remember i knee’d myself in the lip listening to osoosooso (don’t ask), then my friend accidentally punched me in the face (don’t ask), and then got kicked in the lip at a show all over the weekend and that should p much explain the lil patch of dry skin i have

welcome to my life